Regional Homes reputation is built on doing everything to the fullest extent. We utilise our experience and expertise to ensure that whether it be the selling, letting or managing a property – full compliance and legislation is adhered to. Delivering maximum ROI on your sales or rental property carried out with attention to detail in every aspect.

Bal – Founder
Knowing Your Home is in Good Hands

Are problem tenants making your investment
feel like an uphill struggle?

I had an issue concerning a tenant with large arrears and no communication. I contacted Regional Homes to get this matter resolved and WOW did they resolve. Within days of my enquiry, they sent me all the required information and had a senior member of their team out onsite. They ensured all legal requirements were adhered to and by their second visit JOB DONE. All issues have now been resolved and we can look forward.

This was my first experience of Regional Homes and they are now my go to management company.

Akaash Kumar Rajput

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All of Your Property Needs in One Agency

Tell us what you need. We are experts in selling and letting properties, full property management and rent 2 rent. We have complete services for letting, selling, buying and renting. You’ll feel right at home with us.

  • Let Your Property

    We see to it that you will profit from excellent letting. We are experts in marketing and managing properties for rent.

  • Property Management

    Our experts are ready to help you manage your property. We ensure that it is in excellent condition for any purpose.

  • Rent To Rent Investment

    Maximise your property for income. We will ensure that you will have convenient returns with zero hassle.

  • Property Maintenance

    We are a one-stop-shop for property maintenance services. We fix and raise the bar for safety and comfort.

  • Landlord Eviction Services

    With our services, you no longer have to be troubled in dealing with difficult tenants. We will do all the work for you.

  • Sell Your Property

    We are expert property marketers. If you are selling your property, we will help you finish your sale quickly and smoothly.



Local market conditions like supply & demand and competition can affect how much you can price your letting. The price will also depend on how much you have invested in your home’s interior and exterior condition and amenities.

One crucial factor that can affect your price is the location of your property. The closer you are to business areas, the higher your cost can be.

With the complex combination of these various factors, it can be hard for most people to calculate how much they can get when they let.

The best way to enter the letting business is to hand the work over to property sales and leasing experts.

Regional Homes will not only determine the right price for your space, but it will also manage everything there is to be done for effective and efficient letting. We will match your property with the right tenant and supervise the whole process.


When you keep on losing tenants, you will end up spending time and money on re-advertising and re-promoting your home. You will have to once again go through the trouble of completing background checks and welcoming new tenants. Also, you will have to accomplish the required administrative work once again to get an old tenant out and a new one in.

These back jobs are wasteful and tedious work. Tenants turnover when they are unsatisfied, in a property that does not fit their needs, paying a price that they do not find reasonable or are not assisted in their requests.

To avoid turnovers, you have to be excellent in customer service so that our tenants will experience only the best whilst living in your property. With exceptional client support and a reasonable rate, your space will be a place that satisfies! Tenants appreciate active and productive maintenance and response.

When you subscribe to our services at Regional Homes, we will save you from the trouble of having to do these anti-turnover activities manually.

Most people who let their space are people who are not dedicated to the leasing business but want to take advantage of a dormant property. Spend more time on your other businesses and leave your letting to us.


The Midlands is a region in central England comprising the East geographic counties and the West industrial cities including Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

The cities and counties in this region have comparatively low costs of living compared to most metropolitan areas.

The Midlands region contains many historical and picturesque landscapes and infrastructure. It also houses many of England’s natural resources with its rich deposits of coal, iron and limeston

The West Midlands is especially ideal to settle in due to its accessibility, activity, low living cost and decent local economy.


The homeowner is responsible for every maintenance and repair cost with a few particular exceptions.

Tenants pay for the repair of any damage they cause that falls beyond projected wear and tear. The regular billing for consumable items is also the responsibility of the tenant.

Regional Homes will manage the maintenance and review everything for you, ensuring that your home is top quality for excellent tenant experience. We determine who should be billed for what maintenance or repair service.

We ensure that the right side will be charged accordingly by categorising contractor invoices for you.


Tenants can access our customer service round-the-clock. When emergencies are reported, we assess the situation and analyse whether the damage needs immediate attention or not.

If it cannot wait, we will dispatch contractors to troubleshoot the situation as soon as possible. On the other hand, if the problem can wait until working hours, we will respectfully ask the complainant to wait.

We aim to give your tenants an excellent living experience in your home because we know that satisfied clients will stay longer and provide you with consistent returns and earnings.

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